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Hanging Rods

Sometimes we need to get creative, like when we are super excited to hang a cute new quilt, but can't find the dowel we intended to use!  I decided to use this old yard stick in a pinch, and I really love how it looks.  

Fabric Baskets

I don't think there is anything wrong with letting your pretty folded fabric be part of the sewing room decor!  I keep mine out of direct sunlight, and I do move these baskets around and put them in storage.  But there are days when I just NEED to have the pretty things out and visible!

Fussy Cutting Trick

We quilters may have LOTS of tools and gadgets, but there are times when we have to improvise.  When I am making fussy cuts for a quilt, I like to add painter's tape to my ruler.  It makes the visual centering so much easier!


Halloween Mug Rugs / Candle Mats

Mug rugs and candle mats can be just as fun when they are simple and feature a great piece of fabric.  I came across this Halloween fabric in the fat quarter dollar bin at a local quilt shop.  Add a little trim and you have a cute and fast project!

Organizing Fabric by Color

It really isn't rocket science, I know.  And maybe you are already doing this.  But I've been sewing for 20 years, and I've NEVER organized my scraps and smaller stash by color.  Until recently, when I completed a quilting project, I put all of the scraps into a baggie and threw them in my fabric dresser.  If I purchased a cute fat quarter or two, I just tucked them into a different drawer.  The result . . . I never really knew what I had. Sorting my scraps and smaller pieces into color bins makes a huge difference when planning that next scrappy project!  I purchased 9 of these inexpensive "Sterilite" containers and put them in three drawers.   I love it!


Message Board

Found this cute metal "message board" on clearance at the craft store.
I'm pretty sure it was really meant to hang cute little quilt blocks!

Spool of binding

Leftover binding is too pretty to tuck in a drawer.  Why not pin it onto an old wooden spool for a bit of sewing room eye candy?


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    1. You are so welcome! Thank you for stopping by the blog!

  2. I am retired and thinking about taking up quilting. Not any classes near me, so it would be a DIY teaching...what advice can you offer about getting started without spending unnecessary $$ on stuff I don't really need..but I do need a new sewing machine...what else? Thanks!

  3. Good for you wanting to take up quilting! Even if there are no classes near you I would recommend visiting a local or area quilt shop. They can show you the getting started supplies and may have a beginner book. (my initial list would include a cutting mat, a ruler and a rotary cutter. A local shop may also give you the name of a guild or informal group that meets to sew together. Alternatively, you could check out the classes that are online through Craftsy! (Video classes/tutorials) Good luck!

  4. I love your painters tape idea!! That could be helpful in many ways on my rulers. Thank you!

  5. I love all of your tips and ideas...I have been quilting for about 6 years, but have always been sewing all types of crafts...


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