Monday, January 25, 2021

Star Watch: a Christmas quilt featuring Hearthside Holiday

Hello quilting friends! Last October I shared sneak peek photos of another winter quilt I was working on, a Christmas version of my Star Watch pattern featuring fabrics by Deb Strain (Moda). This festive quilt is now complete, and yesterday I took several photos to share with you.

My daughter was home this weekend and commented that she hoped this quilt was for her, as she really loved the striking black and red, the buffalo checks and plaids, and the deer head motif. The traditional holiday elements have a slightly contemporary feeling thanks to that color combination, we decided. Sadly for Haley, this Star Watch quilt will be given to someone else in our family, but we’re hoping they love it as much as she does!

The fabrics you see in my Christmas version of Star Watch are from Deb Strain’s Hearthside Holiday collection, which is a couple of years old and very hard to find. However, I have good news for you. Deb has another wonderful Christmas collection called Home Sweet Holidays coming out in June!

The fabulous quilting motif of chunky snowflakes and wintery swirls was done by Woods Edge Quilting. Katy suggested this motif and selected just the right scale for my quilt . . . it looks dazzling in the neutral areas and also in the border, not to mention on the back! Thanks so much, Woods Edge Quilting!

While this pattern calls for a scrappy binding from some of the jelly roll strips, I elected to use a pretty charcoal gingham print I have been saving for a couple of years.  If memory serves me, it is from Lella Boutique’s Farmer’s Daughter collection.

Star Watch finishes at 64” x 74” and calls for one jelly roll and coordinating yardage. The pattern is available on my Etsy shop in PDF format.

If you love jelly rolls, I hope you’ll consider giving my Star Watch pattern a whirl.  I think you’ll enjoy it!



Other Star Watch Quilts

Star Watch featuring Harvest Road by Lella Boutique

Star Watch featuring Calico Days by Lori Holt

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

New pattern: "By the Hours" baby quilt and coordinating pillow

Several years ago, I made a simple patchwork quilt of five-inch squares for the new granddaughter of a dear friend. I was tickled to learn that the baby’s mother was using this quilt to track her daughter’s growth!  Each month she took a photograph of the baby on the patchwork quilt, documenting how she stretched in length. This was this inspiration for my newest quilt pattern, By the Hours.


I’ve always loved the simple beauty of the Hourglass block. The name alone, indicating passing time, makes it fitting to use in a baby’s growth quilt. In my design, I’ve included one whimsical climbing vine amid the columns of hourglass blocks, bringing to mind how quickly our little ones sprout and grow.


I’m happy to say that this pattern is a two-for-one, as it includes instructions to make both the baby quilt and the coordinating nursery pillow. The quilt finishes at 38 1/2” x 44 1/2” and the pillow finishes at 16 1/2” square.


Fabric selection is fairly easy. Begin with 8 coordinating fat quarters and then select a green for the vine, a neutral for the background, and of course the binding and backing. The material list will make both projects!  By the Hours is available as digital PDF pattern on my Etsy Shop.

Material list will make BOTH projects:

Hourglass Blocks.......... 8 coordinating fat quarters

Green........................... 1/3 yard 

White........................... 1 yard

Backing........................ 2 5/8 yards *

Pillow Backing............. Fat Quarter

Binding........................ 3/4 yard (1/2 for quilt; 1/4 for pillow)

*Note: Check with your long-arm quilter. You may get by with just 1 1/2 yards if 44” wide is acceptable to your quilter. My quilter was okay with that!


My samples were made with soft, nurturing pinks and greens from Brenda Riddle’s new “Sophie” collection for Moda, which is scheduled to hit stores in February. Romantic flowers and classic ginghams are a hallmark of Brenda’s much loved style. Just check out the backing fabric. Isn’t it glorious?


While I love the feminine fabric I’ve used here, I do think this quilt and pillow would be darling in any range of colors and any style of children’s prints, from classic to modern.

I also want to give a shout out to two women who were part of this project.  Thank you to Star of Starlit Quilts for the absolutely lovely machine quilting. It is exactly what I was hoping for, swirly and girly and oh so pretty! Thank you also to my Instagram friend, Sigi, who served as a pattern tester for By the Hours. Besides being a talented and generous quilter, Sigi is also a warm and generous person who offers kindness and caring to all in the IG quilting community.  I’m thankful to know her, even from many miles away!


This precious quilt and pillow set will be gifted to our soon-to-be first great niece! Our niece and her husband are expecting a little girl. They live several states away, but thanks to technology, we have attended a virtual baby shower and even a virtual nursery room tour. I’m thrilled to say that the nursery is awash in white and pink, so our gift will fit right in!


Thanks for stopping by the blog and checking out my new pattern, By the Hours. Wishing you all health and happiness . . . and lots of time at the sewing machine!



Monday, January 11, 2021

Free tutorial: Fat Quarter Lattice Quilt

Hello quilting friends!  Today I’m happy to share a new tutorial with you, the Fat Quarter Lattice Quilt. In December I shared my original version of the quilt with you, promising that I would follow up with a free tutorial. Armed with some beautiful Holly Taylor prints that I purchased from LouLou’s Fabric Shop, I was able to make a second quilt, testing my instructions and taking photographs along the way. I think you will find this to be a fun and easy project, and one that will look terrific in any fabric collection you choose!


Fat Quarter Lattice Quilt

A free tutorial by Carried Away Quilting

Finished size: 70 3/4” x 81 3/4”

Share your finished projects on Instagram using #fatquarterlatticequilt



16 Fat Quarters (for squares and scrappy binding)
*Fat Quarters are assumed to be 18” x 21”

Neutral: 3 1/4 yards

Backing: 5 yards



From each fat quarter:

Cut (2) strips 6 1/2” x 21”. Subcut (5) squares 6 1/2” x 6 1/2” for a total of 80 squares. (You will use 72.)

From the remaining fat quarter material, cut (18) strips 2 1/4” x 21” and set aside for scrappy binding.


From the neutral:

Cut (3) strips 7 1/2” x WOF. Subcut (11) squares 7 1/2” x 7 1/2”. Cut them once on the diagonal so that you have (22) triangles. These will be your setting triangles.

You should have enough left over from one of the strips to cut (2) squares 6 1/2” x 6 1/2”. Cut once on the diagonal so that you have (4) triangles.  These will be your corner triangles.

Cut (10) strips 2” x WOF. Subcut (60) strips 2” x 6 1/2”.

Cut (16) strips 2” x WOF. Sew these together end-to-end for one continuous strip.

Cut (8) strips 4 1/2” x WOF.  Sew them together into (4) pairs. These will be used for your outer borders.



Sew all pieces right sides together (RST) using a 1/4” seam allowance.

1. Lay out (72) of your squares on point as shown below. (The top row has 6 squares, the second row has 5 squares, the third row has 6 squares, and so on until you have 13 rows.) Arrange your squares so that you have a nice mix of prints and colors. (During layout I noticed that I did not like the cream fat quarter I had originally selected. So, I omitted that print and cut into an additional striped fat quarter I had on hand.)  


2. Lay out the 6 1/2” x 2” sashing strips as shown below. Photograph your layout and print it if possible! (You will use this as a reference going forward.) Pick up all your squares in order (by diagonal row) and sew the sashing strips RST to the squares. Press toward the sashing.


3. Lay out all of your squares again. Now sew each diagonal row together from left to right. (Refer back to your photo often.) Press toward the sashing.  After you sew one row, lay it back down in its place and then work on the next row. Proceed until all rows are sewn together.


4. Now we will add the (22) side setting triangles. Layout the triangles and make sure they are in the correct “direction” per the photo below. Pin the triangles RST to the rows and sew together. Press toward the triangles. Trim the dog ears.


5. In the cutting instructions I asked you to sew together your (16) 2” strips. Now we will add sashing strips between the rows.

Beginning with the first row, lay the length of sashing strip onto the row RST.  Cut the sashing strip 2” longer than the row on both sides.  (We need a little tail hanging off each side. They will be trimmed later.) Then proceed to each row as shown in my photos.  Sew a sashing strip to each row and press toward the sashing. TAKE ANOTHER PICTURE of your layout so that rows don’t get mixed up in the next steps.


6. Sew all of the row/sashing units together and press well. As you are sewing rows together, make sure that squares from one row align to squares in the next row.  You can do these by taking a peek to see how they are lined up. I pinned rows together to make sure they stayed lined up.


7. Trim the tails on the two corners that have tails. Sew the (4) corner triangles RST to the corners of your quilt. Press toward the triangles.


8. Now we are going to trim the quilt center.

NOTE: It should measure roughly 62 1/4” x 73 1/4” after we have trimmed it.  (I say roughly because quilts sewn together on point with side setting triangles can sometimes be a little shifty.  Don’t worry about that. Once we add the borders and your quilt is quilted, it will be wonderful.)

To trim this quilt center, lay it on your cutting board and simply trim 1/2” away from the colored square points.  Continue trimming down each side in this fashion. Tip: I trimmed mine on the floor, sliding the cutting mat along underneath the quilt top as I went.


9. In the cutting instructions, I asked you to sew the (8) 4 1/2” border strips together into (4) pairs.  Add the left and right borders, press and trim.  Add the top and bottom borders, press and trim.


10. Quilt as desired.



Sew together the (18) 2 1/4” binding strips end-to-end to create one continuous binding strip. Your binding will be ready to go once you (or your favorite long-arm quilter) have quilted your Fat Quarter Lattice Quilt. This scrappy binding will be the perfect finishing touch.