Thank you for your interest in sponsoring the Carried Away Quilting blog.  I know you have many choices on where to spend your advertising dollars.  So let me share a little bit of my philosophy with you.

I post blog articles multiple times a month about my quilting, sewing and DIY projects. My goal is simple:  to share my love of quilting and connect with others who also get a little carried away!  I often include personal insights, quilting confessions and stories in my posts.  Reader feedback through comments and personal emails has been very positive, and so I plan to remain true to that voice.  Whenever I post on my blog, I promote that post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, driving readership back to the blog.

I post additional smaller project / fabric / inspiration photos to Instragram and Facebook, typically several times a week.  Through these channels I have developed positive relationships with some terrific and enthusiastic quilters worldwide.  I will work to incorporate promotions of your company during the month through these channels, by liking/sharing your information, and encouraging my readers to visit your business page.

A Square Sponsor Ad is 200 x 200 pixels and will appear in the left hand column of every page on the Carried Away Quilting website. It will include a link to your business website. You can purchase a Sponsor Square Spot monthly for $20 and have the flexibility to renew each month, or you can purchase a three-month run for $50 and enjoy a little cost savings.

If you are interested in placing a Sponsor Ad or just have some question, please email me.  I'd love to work with you!