Sunday, July 12, 2020

Cross stitch update: A winter sampler

The last time I wrote about my return to cross stitching, the snow was flying and it was ice fishing season in Minnesota. Friends, my progress has been very slow . . . pretty darn cute, but very slow. Here’s my start on the Jack Frost’s Tree Farm sampler, which I ordered from Fat Quarter Shop.

I wrote two other blog posts about my return to cross stitch. Maybe one of them will inspire you to pick up a needle and thread as well. Quilting will always be my favorite hobby, but it’s nice to have other creative outlets.

Every time I pick up the needle and stitch, I enjoy it.  It’s so satisfying to watch those wee little stitches come together to create a lovely scene in miniature.  This winter sampler may not be completed until Christmas 2021, but that’s okay. I’ll keep at it!



  1. Sooo pretty...I've never done counted x-stitch...only printed. Do you think this would be a good starter project? I am looking for something different and some slow hand work...

    1. Thank you!! I think counted cross stitch is a relatively easy hobby. The patterns are so good and detailed. I do think it is easier to learn on aida cloth than on linen though. Aida cloth has a pattern of holes that are much easier to follow. That's what I always used years ago. Linen looks so pretty, but it's a bit tricky to see where to go sometimes. :)

  2. That's lovely! I adore counted cross-stitch. I usually have a project going as it's fun to do but also portable.

    1. Yes! It's so nice to have something portable. I think I prefer binding small projects on the go better, as I really don't have to think (ha ha), but I do love handwork on the go! Thanks for coming back yet again to visit, Sue! :)

  3. I started cross stitching again about a year ago: it's a good thing to do while I watch tv, since there isn't a tv in my sewing room, and that way I can be out in the living room with my hubby at night, and still feel happy that I am doing a hobby! :-) And being portable, I just stick it in my purse, and if I have to wait somewhere, I no longer feel frustrated, I'm actually happy that I have an excuse to stitch! Your Jack Frost's tree farm is looking so pretty!! Hugs, H

    1. I totally understand what you're saying! On both the hobby with the hubby and the hobby to alleviate feeling frustrated! Great minds! ;)

  4. I'm also getting back into cross-stitching and love it! QUESTION- Do you do each X individually?? Thank you!

    1. Hope that question makes sense?! Many years ago, I would stitch all one direction example: //// Then come back and cross it: \\\\
      Not sure now, since there are new types of threads.

    2. Hi there! I most often stitch like you described! If I'm doing a large section of the same color, I do all one way first and then go back over the finish the x. But sometimes (like in the snowflake) if the stitches are spread out, I might make the complete X before moving to the next complete X. Hope that makes sense. :)

  5. I think that sometimes it's difficult to stitch snow when you're trying to enjoy Summer? lol! Though I prefer to cross stitch in Summer simply because it's portable (and light). I'll get back to quilting and rug hooking when it cools down again...
    You've made excellent progress on your piece! Enjoy every stitch!

    1. You are so right! It's hard to think snow right now! :) Rug Hooking looks so fun. I need to try that some day!

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