Friday, August 3, 2018

Moving sale: Paper patterns, fabric and kits marked down!

I’m having a moving sale!  While I haven’t written about it much, a few of you are aware that for the past year my husband and I have been living like college kids once again. When we became empty nesters, my husband found a new job and we sold our much-loved home very quickly—so quickly that we scrambled to find a place to live!  Eventually we found a place to rent, put half our belongings in storage, sold a lot, gave away a lot, and then proceeded to house hunt.  Now one year later, we’ve finally found both the community and the home where we will settle. We’ll be moving in early September and are so excited!

I look forward to pulling out my favorite quilts, wall hangings and table runners and discovering where they should live in our new house. The physical and mental work of moving is daunting, but it will all be worth it. Pulling out the quilts in our new home will be the reward!

That brings me to my sale.  My mom is here this weekend to help me get organized for packing.  Truth be told, I think she’s here mainly for moral support.  Moms are good at that! We’ve decided I should lighten the packing load by offering a good sale on my Etsy Shop. So if you’d like to stock up on patterns, fabric or a kit, now is the time!

Now through August 25, all paper patterns will be $5.  All fabrics and kits, which are already nicely priced, will be discounted 15%.  There is no coupon code necessary.  You’ll see the sale prices already active on my Etsy Shop.



Monday, July 30, 2018

The Centerpiece Tablemat: a pattern by Sweet Treasures Quilts

I’m really excited to share today’s project, the Centerpiece Tablemat!  This terrific pattern was designed by Terri Staats, owner of Sweet Treasures Quilts. Simply select a pretty focal fabric and coordinating 1 1/2” strips and you can whip together a 21” octagon shaped tablemat in no time!

Maybe you have purchased some of those cute Moda Honeybun rolls of 1 1/2” fabric strips, but you haven’t used them yet. This would be a great project for a Honeybun. Or you could create your own 1 1/2” strips from your stash.  That’s what I did!

My Centerpiece Tablemat features a beautiful floral print from Fig Tree’s Strawberry Fields Revisited collection, surrounded by a smattering of other Fig Tree fabrics making up the strips. This project is a reminder to never throw away our treasured scraps!  Look at the loveliness we can create with 1 1/2” strips!

Terri’s pattern instructions and illustrations are top-notch!  She teaches classes at her sewing studio in Keiser, Oregon, and her teacher personality comes through in her patterns, with helpful tips and easy-to-follow instructions! I thoroughly enjoyed this project.

I quilted my tablemat using a 1” grid.  As you can see in the photo below, I like to use quilter’s tape to mark my stitching line. I began by quilting one line right down the center.  However, when I laid down my large rulers to plan out the remaining quilting lines, I noticed that I didn’t like where the one-inch stitch lines would land “in the ditch” of the outer strips. So I put my seam ripper to work and removed that first on-center stitch. I then laid out my grid so that the true center of the tablemat is in between of my first two stitching lines.

This photo shows how the outer quilting lines land in the center of the border strips.  I’m really happy with how this turned out, and it was such an easy quilting process using quilter’s tape.

I backed my tablemat with the cream floral from Fig Tree’s Ella & Ollie collection and bound it with a red gingham from their Strawberry Fields Revisited collection.  All told, I believe I have used at least six past Fig Tree collections in this fun project!

The Centerpiece Tablemat is a great weekend project and would make a lovely gift! You can purchase the pattern from Sweet Treasures Quilts. If you don’t feel like you have a great stash of fabrics to pull from, Terri and her team have also created several kits using lovely Moda collections! I have shared Terri’s photos with links to the individual kits below.

features "Return to Winter's Lane" by Kate & Birdie

features "Love You" by Sandy Gervais

features red, white and blue prints by Bonnie & Camille

features "Project Red" by Sweetwater Fabrics

If you are looking for a homemade gift idea, the Centerpiece Tablemat is just the ticket.  It’s quick and easy, and really lends itself to some assembly line sewing. You could probably get carried away and crank out several in one weekend!

Thanks for stopping by!


Sunday, July 29, 2018

Cloth book panel winners! Thanks Quilt Girls!

It's time to announce our cloth book panel giveaway winners, thanks to the generous folks at Quilt Girls! Shop owner Patricia was kind enough to send me FOUR cloth book panels, which will go to four lucky readers!

If you haven't entered one of my giveaways before, my scientific method for selecting a winner is to copy and paste all of the comments into an Excel spreadsheet.  Then I do several sorts to rearrange the entries. Then I ask a family member to “say a number.” Today the lucky guy to holler some winning numbers from the front yard was my husband, Brad.  So you can thank him if you won, and scold him if you didn’t!

The winners are: Brooke R., Linda msstitcher, Annette E, and Britany-The Mouse Quilts.  I will be in touch with you so that I can ship out your panels!

Quilting friends, please visit the Quilt Girls website and check out their terrific selection of book panels, quilt panels and novelty fabrics! You’ll be so inspired for homemade gift-giving!


Monday, July 23, 2018

Cloth book giveaway with Quilt Girls!

One of the easiest and most gratifying homemade gifts you can make for a child is a cloth book. It's wonderful to give a gift that teaches and nurtures at the same time! The kind folks at Quilt Girls recently sent me FOUR book panels so that we could run a giveaway for my readers. Isn't that nice?

Here are the four darling panels we'll be giving away. (You can click on the links below to see full photos of the panels.)  Details on how to enter are at the bottom of this post.


Quilt Girls has an amazing selection of cloth panel books, including classic/vintage stories, ABC/123 primers, holiday stories, and contemporary characters. I’ve made three cloth books in the past and blogged about them. You can read about those projects here:

Note: I included some of my own tips and instructions in this post!


To enter, simply leave a comment telling me why you'd like to make a cloth book. Be sure to include your email address. The giveaway is open to US mailing addresses only due to the high rate of international shipping. Comments are open through 1:00 pm (CST) on Sunday, July 29. At that time, I will do a random drawing and announce the winners. 

*Only one comment per person/per email address.  Email me if you are having trouble leaving a comment and I will leave a comment on your behalf. (

Please visit the Quilt Girls website and check out their terrific selection of book panels, quilt panels and novelty fabrics.  Thanks so much for stopping by today, and thank you to Quilt Girls for their generous offer!


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Custom kits featuring Christmas Figs by Fig Tree & Company

It’s the middle of summer in my neck of the woods, which of course means days filled with sunshine, warm temperatures and outdoor activities.  It also means that it’s time for many quilters to begin working on . . . Christmas quilts!

I know, I know . . . you may not be ready to think about winter and the holiday season, but the truth is, now is the time to get started! I thought I’d help you out by kitting two of my festive patterns, Welcome Home Wreath and Starry Way, using the brand new Christmas Figs collection by Fig Tree & Company for Moda! I’ve made up a new sample of Welcome Home Wreath, and I love how she turned out!

Welcome Home Wreath is a 48 1/2" x 48 1/2" wall hanging or table topper that will add a warm holiday spirit to your home. The pattern calls for one mini charm pack and coordinating yardage, for a scrappy, homespun feel. You may notice in my sample that I also used a bit of the red text print from Fig Tree's Ella & Ollie collection. 

My Welcome Home Wreath sample was custom quilted by Starlit Bear of Starlit Quilts.  As I’m writing this blog post, I realize that I don’t have the words to adequately describe how awesome her quilting is.  Marvelous, beautiful, inspiring, amazing . . . seriously, Star’s talent is the kind that just makes me shake my head in wonder. Thank you, Star, for transforming my sweet top into a much treasured quilt.

If you’d like to make a Welcome Home Wreath for your home, my kits include the pattern plus Christmas Figs fabric for the top, back and binding. I even tucked in a strip of the Ella & Ollie red text print if you’d like to pull that into your design like I did. The kits are available on my Etsy Shop with two different backing fabric options (as shown below).

I’ve also kitted my Starry Way table runner pattern with the Christmas Figs collection.  I don’t have a new sample to show you, but I think it’s easy to see how lovely Starry Way would look using Christmas Figs.  The table runner kit is available on my Etsy Shop. The kit includes the pattern plus Christmas Figs fabric for the top, back and binding.

Here is the original Starry Way, which featured a Basic Grey line called Juniper Berry.  This charm pack friendly table runner finishes at 40” x 20”, a terrific size for your table or buffet. This pattern would be delightful sewn up in Christmas Figs!

Please note that I am not a fabric store, and I only purchase a small supply of fabric annually for use in my pattern design. So these kits are limited in number and once they are gone, they are gone. The Ella & Ollie kits I created this spring sold out quickly, but please remember that my blog sponsors (whose logos run along the left-hand side of my website) typically carry the same collections that I describe in my blog posts. They are all wonderful folks who would love to help you custom curate a kit with their fabric supplies. 

Both the Welcome Home Wreath and Starry Way kits are now available on my Etsy Shop. You will find complete details and pricing there. Thanks so much for stopping by! 


Saturday, July 14, 2018

Pinwheel pincushion featuring Sunnyside Up

I’m a big fan of Moda fabric designer Corey Yoder. I’ve made several projects with three of Corey’s recent collections (Sundrops, Flower Mill, and Pepper & Flax). So imagine my delight when Corey was kind enough to send me a scrap bag of sample fabric from her upcoming collection, Sunnyside Up! I picked through all of the yummy fabric morsels and selected these prints to make a dimensional pinwheel pincushion.

Besides her charming floral designs, Corey’s use of color always draws me in. She has a knack for selecting happy, cheerful hues that are warm and deep. They feel saturated but soft at the same time.

I absolutely love the orchid purple that Corey incorporated into Sunnyside Up. I wish more fabric collections included a bit of purple. It really makes the other colors sing!

The pinwheel pincushion is a free video tutorial from Fat Quarter Shop. Do you know what I love best about this project, besides the fact that it was quick and easy? It’s the perfect “play with fabric” project. I love digging around in my scraps, buttons and trims and deciding what combinations I like best. During that process, I make quite a mess, but that is part of the fun! Creative mess is good for the soul!

Just one note about this project: The video instructs us to stuff the pin cushion (with polyfil) and then attach the button when done, to achieve a tufting effect. However, I like to fill my pincushions with crushed walnut shells, so that is what I used. I attached the button to the top before assembling and filling the pincushion. You could go either route!

I still have bits and pieces from the scrap bag Corey sent me, and I promise to put them to good use. For now, they are on my cutting table adding sunshine to the room. Sunnyside Up is due to hit stores in November.  I can hardly wait!

Thank you all for stopping by the blog today. I hope you get carried away making a creative mess real soon!


Other projects featuring Corey Yoder Fabric:
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